Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

FAQ - Chronic Wounds

In which phase of wound healing can CURIOSIN® be used?

After the wound-bed has been properly prepared, you can use CURIOSIN® in all phases of wound healing.


How long do I have to use CURIOSIN®?

CURIOSIN® should be used until complete healing of the wound; however, individual healing times may vary to a great extent (even for several months) depending on the severity of the wound, the general condition of the patient and the type and  proper treatment of the underlying disease.


What cover dressing should I use with CURIOSIN®?

The ulcer can be covered with a non-sticking sterile dressing. In case of a heavily exuding wound the wound can be covered with an adsorbent pad.


Can I use CURIOSIN® on infected wounds?

Infected wounds have to be treated and regularly monitored by a healthcare professional, who will instruct you on the appropriate treatment. The treatment regimen should include a systemic antibiotic and CURIOSIN® could be recommended as an element of good wound care.


Can CURIOSIN® reduce wound pain?

Experience from clinical studies and laboratory experiments indicate that CURIOSIN® may reduce wound pain by scavenging tissue-damaging factors such as free radicals which are present in inflammation.


In what stages of bed-sore should CURIOSIN® be used?

The earlier the better. When the first sign of skin reddening appears, start using CURIOSIN®, in addition to the proper mobilisation and nutrition of the patient.


Is there any component in CURIOSIN® that may stain my skin, clothes or bed-linen?

No, CURIOSIN® is a clear, odorless preparation, it will not stain or bleach your skin, clothes or bed-linen.


What happens if I use too much of CURIOSIN®?

There is no  threat of overdosing since the product is composed of natural molecules present in your body and approved non-toxic excipients.