Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

Curiosin in Chronic Wound Care
Curiosin crystal clear gel is one of the new essential elements of Modern Moist Wound Care and provides faster healing results for chronic wounds patients.

Modern moisture-retentive dressings and Curiosin together has been shown to provide optimal moist environment for injured tissues throughout all phases of wound healing process,  provides better and faster healing for chronic wound patients and new hope for saving legs in critical cases.

Curiosin with the new formula of Zinc-hyaluronan is an innovative hydrogel that not only provides a moist hydrogel-matrix environment but also incorporates unique properties of Zinc which actively helps preventing wound infection.

Curiosin gel can improve the healing dynamics of epithelising wounds, thus the healing time of wounds decrease.*

Healing after Curiosin treatment
Wound healing in diabetes with Curiosin treatment after 4 weeks


Combined with the increasingly popular moist wound treatment techniques, Curiosin gel is an efficient component of therapies applied in the granulation and epithelisation phases.

In the case of chronic wounds, actual wound healing does not end at the epithelisation phase. Curiosin gel being applied in the process of the strengthening of per secundam healing wounds, our treatments result in a stronger, more resistant and more flexible skin surface.


In the light of the physiological effects of the active agent Curiosin gel can be applied efficiently in prevention as well as in the critical wound area of already forming threatening ulcers.


The role of Curiosin® in Innovative Chronic Wound Care


  • promoting physiological wound healing - once applied, zinc hyaluronan forms a molecular continuum with the hyaluronan fragments of the damaged skin restoring the microchannels for the diffusion of water and passage of metabolic and signal molecules -  providing the optimal micro-environment  for wound healing to start (see How CURIOSIN® works? >>).
  • providing moist wound environment, the primary objective of wound management - hyaluronan* is the most hydrated biomolecule known (1 g hyaluronan can associate with up to 10000 times of its own mass of water) and the only one retaining 30% water even upon drying.  Zinc hyaluronan has a stronger water-binding effect compared to hyaluronan.
  • infection control - the hydrated zinc hyaluronan layer acts as an antimicrobial filter preventing microrganisms from the environment (airborne or contact origin) from reaching the wound surface.
  • pain control - via scavenging tissue damaging factors such as free radicals,  zinc hyaluronan  helps in reducing tissue inflammation resulting in less wound pain.
  • zinc hyaluronan may reduce scar formation and restore healthy skin conditions via helping the damaged skin to heal from the depth of the wound to the skin surface


* hyaluronan is a term encompassing the names used for the different forms the molecule can take, such as: hyaluronic acid, hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid sodium salt, HA, NaHA etc.



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