Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

How Curiosin works?
Curiosin crystal clear zinc-hyaluronan gel provides a moisturized environment similar to that of normal intercellular matrix on the injured wound surface, which makes it easier for the body to initiate its own healing processes.

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Hyaluronan is a key skin component, responsible for

  • elasticity and plasticity of the skin,
  • maintaining tissue hydration due to its extremely high water retaining capacity and
  • regeneration after trauma.

Hyaluronan maintains the space between the cells of the epithelium to provide microchannels for the diffusion of water and passage of metabolic and signal molecules. The physicochemical cha­racteristics of hyaluronate facilitate the for­mation of a space grid capable of absorbing a huge amount of water in the form of “structu­red water”. A healthy intercellular matrix is si­milar to the structure of a “micro-channelled moist gel-matrix” arranged by hyaluronate mo­lecules; therefore, Curiosin gel containing zinc-hyaluronate provides the ideal environment for the healing of chronic wounds.

Gelmatrix and microchannels for metabolic and signal molecules
- similar to that of normal intercellular matrix - makes initiate healing process easier


In the tissues of the wounds not only the micro channel system but also the matrix constituted by the hyaluronate of the intercellular matrix is damaged as well. Getting into the wound, zinc hy­aluronate contained in Curiosin gel immediately finds the damaged hyaluronate particles on the wound surface forming molecular contacts and this way creating the basis for regeneration.

Curiosin gel: shields the wound from infections
Due to the molecular pore size of the zinc hyaluronan matrix it acts as an antimicrobial filter against bacteria of airborne and contact origin this shielding the healing wound from infection.

Curiosin gel: a complex way to support wound healing
Being a constituent of the enzymes necessary for anti-inflammatory processes, zinc in itself is an indispensable element of wound healing. In addition to that, it has also been proven that in chronic wounds the zinc content of tissues is lower.

Zinc and hyaluronate support wound healing in a complex way, protecting the cells and tissues from inflammation arising in the course of injuries as well as the harmful effects of free radicals.


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