Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

What Is Modern Moist Wound Care?
Better understanding of wound’s pathology has brought to life new Modern Moist Wound Care Concept and has made revolutional changes in clinical practice of previous dry wound care approach.

In past decades development of medicine and medical technology has led several important changes in physiologist mind and chronic wound care protocols.

Possibilities and effectiveness of chronic wound care was highly limited for generations.

But better understanding of wound’s pathology has brought to life new Moist Wound Care Concept in clinical practice.  This has brought new solutions. Numerous pharmacological and modern dressing therapies have been introduced for moist wound care. Dresses can be adjusted to various types and statuses of wounds. Innovation of hyaluronan gel-matrix improved the healing dynamics of epithelising wounds. Surgical techniques have also been adapted to new moist treatment approach. Invasive correction of wounds, more active surgical techniques caused further increase in healing results.

The collection of this entire therapeutic attitude, pharmacological, surgical and technical methods you can call Modern Chronic Wound Care Concept.

Modern Chronic Wound Care Concept offers significantly better chance for a total recovery vs. previous wound care methods. Studies demonstrate easier regeneration of injured tissues, faster healing of venous leg and diabetic ulcers, decreasing healing time of chronic wounds.

Moist wound treatment principle and Modern Moist Wound Care Concept should be applied for as many patients as possible. Despite the awareness of this new innovative protocol is not sufficient in many countries, and outdated dry wound healing protocols or elements of outdated practices seems to survive. 


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