Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

FAQ - Household Injuries, Minor Trauma Wounds And Burns

Should I use any skin antiseptic before applying CURIOSIN®?

In majority of the cases there is no need for it, however, after cleaning the wound surface with saline or water, you may apply a skin antiseptic once if the injured area is too dirty. Skin antiseptics are effective, however, they may inhibit the physiological healing of the wound.


How can I use CURIOSIN® for bleeding wounds?

Wait until bleeding stops, you can then use the product.


Can I use CURIOSIN® for all types of burns?

For the minor, superficial burns affecting only a limited part of the body surface, we recommend the use of CURIOSIN® Gel, which apart from the established healing properties will also provide a pleasant cooling effect. However,  burns that are more severe (partial- and full-thickness) or affect larger part of the body surface, have to be treated by a healthcare professional, who will instruct you on the appropriate treatment.


Can I use CURIOSIN® on infected wounds?

Infected wounds have to be treated and regularly monitored by a healthcare professional, who will instruct you on the appropriate treatment. The treatment regimen should include a systemic antibiotic and CURIOSIN® could be recommended as an element of good wound care.


Can CURIOSIN® reduce scarring?

It is supported by scientific evidence that hyaluronan can moderate scar formation via filling the gap in the damaged  tissue thus supporting the physiological healing of the compromised skin from the depth of the wound to the skin surface.

Fetal wounds heal without scarring which is largely attributable to the extremely high hyaluronan content of the fetal skin.

In a controlled human study the zinc hyaluronan based CURIOSIN®  produced reduced scarring of surgical wounds compared to a control product.

However, no product can prevent scarring completely if skin damage has reached the deeper layer of the skin (dermis), or if you are predisposed  to develop abnormal scarring.


Can I use CURIOSIN® in diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a form of damaged, compromised skin where you can expect benefits from CURIOSIN® use. However, there has been no specific clinical study completed in this field.

If the diaper rash doesn't respond to home treatment, you should ask for an examination and advice from your health care provider.


What cover dressing should I use with CURIOSIN®?

For minor wounds covering is optional. If you wish to cover, use a non-sticking sterile dressing.


Is there any component in CURIOSIN® that may stain my skin or clothes?

No, CURIOSIN® is a clear, odorless preparation, it will not stain or bleach your skin or clothes.


What happens if I use too much of CURIOSIN®?

There is no  threat of overdosing since the product is composed of natural molecules present in your body and approved non-toxic excipients.