Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

FAQ / Problematic Skin (Acne)


What types of acne is CURIOSIN® recommended for ?

CURIOSIN® is recommended as a skin- and consumer friendly support for the treatment of mild to moderate form of acne.  This is the most common type of the disease and can be characterised by blackheads, white heads, and small pimples.


Can I use other skin or internal products while using CURIOSIN® in acne?

Since no interaction is known between CURIOSIN® and any other medication, you can take any oral medicine, but please, consult a healthcare professional before starting any new topical preparation.


Is there any restriction related to the use of CURIOSIN®?

No, there is no restriction, your normal life can go on.


Can CURIOSIN® reduce scarring?

Acne patients may develop atrophic scars which are formed when the healing process is disrupted. The new approach CURIOSIN® represents in acne treatment is largely based on its established healing properties.

It is supported by scientific evidence that hyaluronan can moderate scar formation via filling the gap in the damaged  tissue thus supporting the physiological healing of the compromised skin from the depth of the wound to the skin surface.

Fetal wounds heal without scarring which is largely attributable to the extremely high hyaluronan content of the fetal skin.

In a controlled human study the zinc hyaluronan based CURIOSIN®  produced reduced scarring of surgical wounds compared to a control product.

However, no product can prevent scarring completely if skin damage has reached the deeper layer of the skin (dermis), or if you are predisposed  to develop abnormal scarring.


Can I wear makeup while using CURIOSIN®?

Yes, you can, as soon as CURIOSIN® has been rubbed into the skin. Please note, when buying makeup,  skin care products, be sure the labels say “fragrance-free”, "non-comedogenic/does not cause blackheads" or "non-acnegenic/does not cause acne."


Do I need to use a moisturizer?

No, on the contrary, CURIOSIN® has a moisturizing effect based on its hyaluronan component which is the most hydrated biomolecule known, capable of retaining  up to 10000 times of its own mass of water. The moisturising effect will benefit of acne patients suffering from dry skin.


Do I need any special protective measurement when going to the sun?

No, you don't, since CURIOSIN® cause no photosensitivity, you can use it day-time without any fear. Normal sunprotection should be used.


Can I sunbathe or use solarium while using CURIOSIN®?

If your skin care specialist suggests that your acne may get better from sunbathing or using solarium, you can use CURIOSIN® concomittantly, because it does not cause photosensitivity.


Should I expect any type of skin irritation while using CURIOSIN®?

No, CURIOSIN® is a non-irritant product, based on  components that are of natural origin and it contains approved excipients. Hyaluronan is a key skin component, one of the most biocompatible materials known. CURIOSIN® contains no alcohol, no coloring, no fragrance.


Is there any favourable effect of CURIOSIN® on acne-related symptoms?

In a well-controlled clinical study significantly less itching, desquamation, erythema were observed compared to a benzoyl-peroxide-based control preparation.


Does CURIOSIN® stain the skin, clothes or bed-linen?

No, CURIOSIN® is a clear, odorless preparation, it will not stain or bleach your skin and clothes, bed-linen.


If I use CURIOSIN®, can my partner kiss my face or it has a bad taste?

Yes, he/she can, Curiosin® has no bad taste.