Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

It won’t work all alone… that’s true for the treatment of chronic wounds as well

István Rozsos MD, PhD, MBA
Theta Medical and Aesthetic Centre, Pécs, Hungary


Why should we talk about it?!

Even Curiosa gel containing zinc-hyaluronate is more efficient in teamwork…

You can read a lot about the development and the treatment of chronic wounds in many sources but promising results are expectable only if we apply widely accepted up-to-date methods and observe the principle of moist wound treatment. When thinking over the conditions and enumerating the multitude of factors the simultaneous presence of which are all necessary for recovery, we must recognize that, indeed, we often forget about an old hit: „It won’t work all alone…”

Why is this important?

Patients suffering from chronic wounds often feel isolated from society. The perception of this isolation is enormously aggravated if patients even have to cope with their illness by themselves. In addition to the fact that the treatment of their wounds is a lengthy process every day, the acquisition of the dressing material and other preparations necessary for wound treatment are also a considerable burden on the family budget.

Let’s examine in detail why it is recommended that family, friends and acquaintances should not leave the patient alone but should rather accompany them to the physician’s, be present at the change of dressings, undertake to learn the basic steps of wound treatment and help keep in mind the thousands of instructions, suggestions, inquiries during the visits in order to facilitate the patient’s recovery. Let’s not forget that the patient is in distress in the surgery, cannot pay attention to everything nor keep in mind all the instructions accurately. Moreover, in most of the cases the patient will promise more in the doctor’s surgery than what they can keep easily. THEY MUST BE HELPED in the execution of the physician’s instructions and it must be monitored that the patient should actually follow the prescribed therapy consequently.

Let’s enumerate the technical problems that the patient can solve only with assistance especially if the wound is in an area which is difficult for the patient to reach:

  • Wounds have to be disinfected at every change of dressing and supplemented with the removal of plaque on the wound and the cleaning of perilesional skin. This often ENTAILS PAIN! Experiencing considerable pain, the patient cannot be expected to clean their wounds with equal thoroughness. But if thorough cleaning is neglected on a daily basis or is carried out only partially, the proliferation of bacteria occurring in several weeks will hinder the healing process.
  • The next challenge is the application of the zinc hyaluronate containing gel recommended for granulating or epithelizing wounds on the wound or the perilesional area.

The patient might succeed in cleaning the often hard-to-reach wounds with great difficulties and wasting of the preparation, however, the proper application of the gel in the appropriate amount and without wasting much is not at all easy even in a sitting posture if one is in old age, not to mention being positioned in some other twisted postures.

  • The third step is the placement of the cover dressings. In the case of one wound two hands might possibly be enough if it is easy to reach. But in the case of a wound occupying a huge area or several wounds even four hands may not be enough.
  • The fixing of wound covers and the subsequent application of the compression bandaging already represent a less unpleasant phase, therefore it is even more important to point out that compression therapy is an indispensable part of the treatment of chronic wounds situated on the extremities. It may not be ignored out of convenience nor applied inappropriately. It is also crucial to pay attention to the fact that adequate improvement of circulation can be achieved only by applying the flexible bandage on a stretched-out leg. Since no one can apply the bandage on themselves properly, i.e. from the toes towards the thighs with raised and stretched-out legs while maintaining the same amount of pressure, therefore, this is another point where IT WON’T WORK ALL ALONE.
  • We have to pay attention to cleanliness, the disinfectants, their dates of expiry and sterility. If we are running out of gel containing zinc hyaluronate or any bandage, we have to arrange for the supply ahead of time, since the status of the healing wound may worsen without the necessary treatment.

A helpful relative is indispensable not only on the occasion of the change of the dressing but during the entire duration of the treatment. It is very important to help the patient by monitoring and checking the changes on a 1 to 3-day basis since the patient tends to patiently wait for a miracle even in spite of an aggravating wound…

A well-informed relative is faster in making a rational decision about the necessity of an out- of- turn urgent visit.

Monthly checkups by a GP are necessary even if the patient is healing and their complaints are alleviating. Generally, old patients, who move with difficulties tend to call off or postpone necessary examinations more frequently. Considering the changing phases of wound healing, often different kinds of wound treatment techniques are to be applied during the monthly medical consultations, often with the proper changing of dressing materials.

Yet, we must not forget that the road leading to healing can occasionally be very bumpy – a bumpy but viable one. However, more and more people have reached the end of the road in the past decade thanks to the up-to-date methods.

Up-to-date methods require much more serious preparation on the healers’ part as well and it can be carried out successfully only in teamwork. Only those can get lost on the way to success who are compelled to roam in the labyrinth of treatments without assistance. We have to look after and take care of one another…

In the course of history, patients with ulcer had to bear the burden of social isolation and the feeling of „I will never be healthy again” for long decades. Conditions as well as results have changed for the past decade.

Now that you have seen that the number of ’why-s’ is innumerable… let’s plan the strategy of healing together from now on.