Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

Time Travel Around Modern Wound Treatment

István Rozsos MD, PhD, MBA
Vascular Surgeon
Specialist of Advanced Chronic Wound Care Techniques
Theta Medical and Aesthetic Centre, Pécs, Hungary
Lecturer at University of Pécs, Hungary



We may never be certain about it, however, it is indeed very probable that when Alexander the Great, the king of ancient Macedon, kept the water of the warriors in a silver container in order to keep it fresh in the long run and this way ensuring the invincibility of his army, which won their battles one after the other, at that time and place he did not have the slightest idea that, woven into socks and dressing materials, silver will be on the aiding side of the everyday warriors of the 21st century as well by destroying bacteria and fungus.


We may never be certain about it, however, it is indeed very probable that when Bell constructed the first telephone and this way opened up a completely new dimension in communication, he did not have the slightest hint how smart the descendants of this device were going to be. Moreover, what he certainly did not have the slightest clue about is that the phones of the 21st centrury will enable us to take photos of a patient’s chronic wounds and send them immediately, or even to ask professional help concerning the given matter.


We may never be certain about it, however, it is also indeed very probable that when unknown fishermen first brought a sponge ashore and used that for soaking up liquids, they could not have imagined that a couple of hundreds of years later this idea would be among the basic principles of absorbent dressing materials.


However, we can be absolutely certain that in the course of human history drinking water has very often been of strategic importance since it ensured survival for all living creatures.


It is the hyaluronate molecules present in the intercellular matrix that can arrange water, which constitutes a considerable part of our body, and this way can create a structured, gel-like matrix structure.


This ordered matrix structure is actively involved in ensuring that the various physiological processes occuring in it should take place in a regulated environment.


Thus we can accept the fact that throughout various periods of history water continuously played  a strategic role in people’s lives from the craddle to the grave, therefore, acquiring and preserving it was equally important.


We cannot know either what Mihaly Munkacsy was thinking about when he was painting his marvellous picture called ’Pluckmakers’. May he have wanted to commemorate a dressing material that was several hundreds of years old already at that time? Or perhaps he realized how important a job those women were doing and he, therefore, deemed that moment elevated?...........


It may very well be the case that it is this emotional bond pulling us back into old history that makes some of our colleagues insist on the use of cut lint even today, and this way pay hommage to the memories of the pluckmakers, instead of modern dressing materials and apply outdated ointments and powders in the course of wound treatment in order to stabilize the wound status.


But now that we have embarked on this idea of historical relationship, the question may also arise why doesn’t then the earbond, which can already be observed in ancient Greek pictures and which was supposed to improve circulation, have the same effect. Why isn’t then also flexible bandage or stocking applied in the treatment of wounds on the extremities?


We wouldn’t be prudent enough in the course of our time travel if we didn’t touch upon, if only to a slight extent, toxicology as well.


Our knowledge concerning many allegedly useful and traditionally widely used substances has changed in the past decades. Thus it has also been realized that besides its favourable effects silver can accumulate up to a level of even terminal extent. Similarly, the cytotoxic effect of peroxide has also become common knowledge. Therefore, the application of both substances is recommended only on much stricter conditions.


We should not forget Alexander the Great’s message about the respect of water but apply preparations with silver content cautiously. We should rather use less toxic metals against bacteria, for instance zinc.


We should not forget the old fisherman either who brought the sponge ashore and we should apply hyaluronate consciously, which, through its ability to arrange water, ensures the flexibility of our epidermis and our regenerative ability. These two main constituents are present in Curiosa® gel.


The other reason why we shall not forget the old fisherman is that modern absorbent dressing materials are improving this very same ancient structure, and these special „sponges” can already soak up and store wound fluids up to 5 to 7 times their own weight.


With Mihaly Munkacsy in mind, I recommend the thematic use of more advanced dressing materials prepared at the current highly advanced level of technological development aware of the fact that one will never paint a picture of such artistic value about a highly precise production line.


At the end of the memories listed, we shall now only invoke master Bell’s invention. This device was the one that has shown perhaps the most versatile development.


It is a natural event of our everyday lives that during meetings with friends we play our kids’ or our grandchildren’s epic first babble or their recitation in kindergarten/school events on the screens of our cell phones. Why am I coming up with this here and now?


The reason for this is that when elaborating on cut lint it has already been raised that in the course of their application the obsolete arsenal of powders and ointments appeared as well. In the atmosphere of our time travel this can be described as if we had to bring a gramophone and the vinyls or the 8 mm projector and a canvas to the meeting with friends to play the great event.


Therefore, we must not forget that the world around us is developing very fast and we have to keep pace with it in all walks of life.


In conclusion, to make the recommendation complete, it is to be highlighted that according to our current knowledge Curiosa® gel containing zinc-hyaluronate is ideally suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds and the perilesional area, in the case of chronic wounds to prevent recidivation and cooperates excellently with the modern devices of moist wound treatment.