Curiosin - Even chronic wound healing can be fast

Treatment Guide Summary
The following table summarizes practical aspects of Modern Moist Wound Care.

Underlying disease

Always treat underlying disease according to protocols (diabetes, poor circulation etc.)

Wound disinfection and keeping the

wound clean

After using special solutions for disinfection

Curiosin protects wounds from


(Zn content)

Wound base

Surgical debridement

Optimal moisturising

Curiosin hydrogel keeps the wound


Covering of wound

Always according to the

• phase of the healing

• localization of the wound:

      Curiosin protects the wound by forming

a mechanical layer on the skin

so in many cases a cover dressing

can be omitted

       If wound is stressed/loaded or it

has excretion use proper bandage

(recommendation gelling foam

dressing for chronic wounds)

Promoting wound healing

Curiosin gel in and around the wound

Circulation – control of oedema

Compression bandage

Unloading of wound

Always ensure that chronic wound is not loaded with body weight while walking

Preventing recidiva

Curiosin gel conditions the skin in and

around the wound and improves ability

to tolerate loading

Patient education and emotional care

Proper patient education and emotional and psychological state is also needed for successful treatment


* Source: Presentations of Dr. Rozsos István Ph.D., MBA and DR MECSEKY LÁSZLÓ, Diabetic leg ambulance, MEDI-DHORO KFT - BUDAPEST, MISKOLC, BALASSAGYARMAT, DEBRECEN

Emotional care
Talk to your patients – besides physical care about a chronic wound, the emotional and psychological care about a patient is essential as well for successful healing.
A patient who believes in healing and who has a positive attitude will more likely follow instructions of a doctor or nurse which are especially important in case of unloading of the wound, proper dressing and using woundcare products to promote healing.
In most of the cases patients are old and sometimes patients are hopeless and isolated. Especially if they feel embarrassed due to foot odour and loose mobility so they are less able to socialize.
What to do? - as chronic wounds heal slowly, make a digital photo regularly so that even your patient can see healing results.
Modern dressings can reduce pain, leakage and odour and waterproof dressings help to overcome the problem of having a shower. You can use any relaxation technique or ask for psychologist help if you experience despair and depression.
Chronic wound care in most of the cases is only manageable with support of relatives, encourage them to visit patients regularly, support in hobbies and involve them in not just managing the wound but celebrating steps of healing as well.
With this complex approach you will experience better compliance and improvement in healing results as well.

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